Saturday, August 8, 2009

2 bunnies, 3 squirrels and ???

I am officially on lockdown. Crazy lady is tired of dumping bodies in the backyard. She doesn't mind the squirrels-- but Thumper & friends? There's something about dead bunnies on the doorstep that gives her hives.


fosterdogblog said...

Oh yikes! And eeew. She works fast! That Sugar has too much mad skills for her own good. Have you considered putting some loud jangling bells on her collar so that the critters might be able to get an earlier heads-up if Sugar is in the vicinity?

Jen showed me this product that's available which is basically a tiny piece of velcro strip. It allows you to easily remove and put back on any tags to a collar. That way you could easily remove the bells when Sugar's inside the house so they don't drive you crazy.

fosterdogblog said...

Just realized, you wouldn't need to use that little velcro thing. That metal clasp on leashes that attach to collars would also work.

Isis said...

Oh Sugar - you are so busted.

Wild Dingo said...

Sort of a Fatal Attraction for Sugar and Crazy Lady!

Crazy Lady doesn't understand the delicacy that is Thumper.