Friday, September 11, 2009

Ah, William (now Liam)

Oh, William. You changed your name to Liam, but you are still the gorgeous, hunka-lovin dog we all fell in love with. Isis' family fell in love with your dufuss face and decided to continue fostering you for a while.I get it. You are adorable. We want to hug you, play with you, and cuddle all day long with yout adoring face.You are up for adoption. You are lucky because Isis' folks are fabulous foster parents. They will find you a Forever Home, and you will wiggle your way into everyone's heart. We can read the Petsmart ad here. We can ask ourselves, "do I want to adopt this total lovebug?" and contact Isis' folks directly, if we have questions ( will continue to miss you, Liam. But, I am looking forward to a new lovebug in our household. We plan to foster Kelly, and help her through her surgery and recovery.So, I ask those friends and strangers in netland: Don't you want to snuggle and adopt Liam RIGHT NOW? How can anyone deny this dufuss a Forever Home? Just look at this video and try to ignore the "thump, thump, thump" of your heart:

I dare you.

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