Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can you find me?

Crazy lady has been preoccupied with doctor's appointments and work angst. The temporary "cure" for her neck troubles made things worse, and she is not enjoying the pain, paralysis and muscle spasms. She also misses writing, and she is testing voice recognition software as an alternative to typing words. So far, she has had so-so success using the software.

The downfall? She is spending less time with ME. The QUEEN in our household. So, while crazy lady was preoccupied this morning, I went outside. This means that I used my beautiful, delicate paws to OPEN THE DOOR and hide from she-who-must-be-obeyed. She knew I wasn't a "runner," (like Abby, the last one) but she was still worried when she saw the open door. Did someone break into the house? Was I stolen? Hmmm, there were paw prints on the glass...hah! I escaped and built myself a nest:When I heard her on the deck, I tried to sneak out of the nest-- but the bushes rustled too loudly, and my bee-hind was too large. She found me trying to wiggle out of my hiding spot. Like my indignant glare?She was impressed with my cunning and dexterity, however. She called me a "cat," and drew comparisons between my gorgeous self and the Evil Ones. Wicked, wicked tormentor. I am plotting my revenge...anyhow, she also decided to make a small video:

You will notice that I am an excellent Huntress. See if you can find me in the video, as I decimate the pig. Enjoy!

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Wild Dingo said...

um...the birdies go "tweet tweet" because Sugar is gonna try to "eat eat" them!