Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early morning play and snuggle

So...crazy lady is drugged and on bed rest for a while, thanks to a neck injury. I'm fine, but she is cranky. She says she feels like a swollen, stuffed, puffy, fat, monster tree trunk. I say she's a drama queen. She hates remaining inactive for long periods of time-- and the docs even said "restrict your computer use!" Regardless (because compliance is always an issue with crazy lady...), she took some video of our morning snuggle and play time. It was a mellow play time, but she used the opportunity to run me through some commands. I'm suppose to be at "sit, stay" at the beginning of the video. If you listen carefully, you can hear my release command, "okay," and my wonderful response to "come."

Did you see my funky response to the "sit" command? I like to find an area that doesn't hurt my bum-bum. Crazy lady is so stoned that she actually let me get away with some stuff! Hey. I'm still pretty and perfect-- can't you tell?

Here's the bad thing-- because of her neck, crazy lady needs surgery. She can't foster Kelly. She had to tell Judy from Walkin the Bark Rescue that they needed to find another foster parent to take care of this total sweetheart. If they can't find another parent, then Kelly won't get the surgery she needs. I'm bummed, of course. I'm worried about Kelly, and I was looking forward to having another dog in the household. If you know anyone who can take care of Kelly, please have them contact Judy at

As always, THANK YOU! I have the best fans in the world! (Hmmmm...I'm a little too perky...did crazy lady slip me some of her drugs?!?)


LK said...

Sorry to hear about your neck troubles, CL. Occasionally, I have pain-in-the-butt troubles, as in my dog is a pain in my butt, but these two types of pain are clearly different, and yours is far more serious. I wish you well w/your surgery and recovery.

Sugar looks so happy and sweet in the video, so, I dunno, un-diva-like, though I'm sure she can turn the attitude on at the drop of a dime. Still, it's always fun to see a happy pooch play.

Linda of Bo

Wild Dingo said...

She has Loki's same little "apple botttom"! FMD's have those strong bumms.

Loki must meet her. tho she's so much smaller than him, my money's on her to take him in a bar fight. ;) he'll be all like "yes mame!"