Sunday, October 4, 2009

Demon Eyes

Now, according to crazy lady, demons are not evil. They are wicked, with a unique sense of style. They are also very loyal to the ones who take care of them-- but not necessarily loyal to those who love them. She recently published a love story about a demon and shifter, and her writer's blog is abuzz with the "good" and "evil" debate this morning. Someone actually wrote:

"Words have power. Even your Sugar Tales have demonic presense (sic)."

Sigh...come one...besides the fact that you can not spell-- do you really think I am an Evil One? I am nothing like a cat. Look at me, as I watch crazy lady climb the stairs:Hah! I only have demon eyes:Deep down, I am an adorable sweatpea, with a little bit of demonic wickedness. Especially when I sleep:I'm not even going to pontificate (much) on the "words have power" argument, except to say this: yes, yes, yes, words have power. Duh. You, as humans, have the capacity to decide what you want to believe. It's called "critical thinking." Unlike schizophrenics and the occasional psychotic (hmmm, 90% of her fan base, I had better be careful...), I know the difference between fiction and "real life." Crazy lady really hates it when people tell her (always in a self-important, mindful, patronizing and arrogant manner) that "words have power." Humans. If you don't like the blog, stop reading. What more can I say? Now, back to sleep and my lovely, demonic dreams...


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Pawesome paw placement!

Woo are not demonikh at all!

PeeEssWoo: Snikhker ;-)

fosterdogblog said...

Sugar, demonic? Pshaw. If anyone wants real demon, they should meet Popeye.

Sugar said...

Yeah, I KNOW! Popeye is a little devil! But my other blog readers cross over to Sugar's blog (you know who you are...)-- and people think I portray her as a demonic being...I ignore it, but the comments are hysterical...I mean, she has a little glint, but, really-- Sugar?!?

Wild Dingo said...

"occasional psychotic (hmmm, 90% of her fan base," you're killing me here. i almost peed my pants.

Alas, I always said, "the dingo is not evil, she's just misunderstood." perhaps she was "wicked." and perhaps my url should have been wickeddingo. sigh. Mags would have loved sugar.

send me our writer's blog url. I'd love to drop in on it!

wet kisses from L&J (also wild & wicked)