Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best dog evahhhh (except for me, of course)

CL never lets a dog off leash-- even supervised-- until we respond to the "come" command.  She'll test and test (and test) the dog. We must listen to her,  regardless of the situation.  Can we see her?  No?  Tough-- get your bee-hind back to her wheelchair pronto.  Squirrel?  Bird? Some odd little beasty is luring us away?  Double-tough.  We must immediately come, as soon as we hear her voice.  This is especially important since CL lives life in her wheelchair, and running after an escapee is not a good option.
Before Duncan, it would take weeks until CL felt comfortable enough to let a foster dog off leash.  In some situations, they never leave the tie down or leash.  For the first time since I entered her life, CL has found a dog that has learned to "come" within 48 hours.  Seriously.  We are even starting to use hand signals- something CL doesn't introduce until week 3 or 4.  Check it out...

This video was taken 2 days after Duncan arrived in our home. Pretty amazing, huh?

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Anonymous said...

OMD! He's gonna go fast. better get all the duncan dohnuts love you can... cuz he's a lover!

totally smacks down the stereotype of small yippy dogs. he's my small dog hero! see why i want a yorkie now? when you a good tempered one, they are awesome.