Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doggy Swap

 Juju has left our home to stay with Judy at Walkin' the Bark Rescue.  So long, fabulous playmate...

Why did he leave?  Well, it had nothing to do with his behavior.  He is an awesome dog. Under the tutelage of CL, Nick, Miss J and myself, Juju learned to "sit," "come," pee outside (always a good thing, huh?), play with doggies of all shapes and sizes, and kindly welcome strangers into our home.  It was time for Judy to find him a forever home, however, and for us to welcome a new little pup who needed a place to stay.  Meet Duncan...
Keep checking my blog for upcoming adventures with "Mo Mo Mohawk" Duncan. Our household is looking forward to teaching him "mad skills" and finding him the perfect forever home.  Personally,  I can't wait to show him my amazing snake hunting-and-burial techniques.  (4 kills in 7 days!  CL is not pleased...heh.)

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Wild Dingo said...

OMD x 2!
First OMD: that damn little thing is the cutest! is he a yorkie? i can't tell. before Loki, i was "thisclose" to rescuing a yorkie named Marceau (post about it here but they turned me down as an adopter because I may let a mt. lion into the house to eat him or something.
Don't tell anyone Formosan but i just have a thing for confident (read: not barky yippy and overly defensive small-dog complex) yorkies. I love them when they are confident and silly. and i always wanted one.... now you must do some posts, even if he isn't a yorkie.

Second OMD: um, FOUR kills? Are you a Badass honey badger or something? go watch: