Thursday, June 23, 2011

The perfect ambassador for dawg-kind

CL has had a rough couple of weeks.  She came home from an early morning doctor's appointment and promptly fell asleep in front of her computer.  Check out the face that greeted her, when she woke-up:
I keep telling her, "Us dogs?  We have magic healing powers-- even Duncan has learned that you need a special cuddle during hard times!"
Like many folks (myself included), CL finds it hard to believe that Duncan has not been snatched by a loving and welcoming Forever Family.  Just look at this face...
I know a special family is out there, waiting to adopt this fabulous ambassador for dawg-kind.


Wild Dingo said...

oh my gosh... that nose, those ears... that hair don't... what's NOT to love?

Pibble said...

Duncan is such an adorable cutie! Definitely a perfect ambassador for all of dawg-kind. Also wonderful to wake up to - what a face!