Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why me?

She-Ra, Princess of Power
Loo-Kee the trusted Conceal
And-- wait!  What's this?
Yeah, another one.  He's not a foster, but one of the poodles from CL's next door neighbor.  We have him for 10 days.  Sigh.  Does no one respect the alpha bitch in this household? Slap some wings on this little yapper and we have Kowl crashing in my home:
CL is smitten, though.  His name is Bodi, and he is quiet, playful, cuddly and has a hot bromance going on with Duncan, the traitorous manwhore.  At least Bodi has some mad "kill skills..."

Gotta respect the hunter in this dude.


Anonymous said...

Dude, duncan's ears are as big as Loki's... and he's like what, 5 lbs? are his ears half his weight?

that poodle is kinda hot...i can see why there' bromance...

we want vids of the bromance please...

Mango said...

Bromance... hehehe.

Nice smack down on the stuffy. Very butch.