Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whatever Happened to Crazy Lady?

Crazy lady is sad. Another writer friend posted this, instead of her usual Thursday night ramblings about food and life. In June, one of her artists had a breakdown and he's in the hospital. She understands the highs & lows of crazy brains, and is worried about her new artist friend and writer friend.

She's also worried about the "mental state of normals." Another artist, after learning about the hospitalization, volunteered to take over the work for the upcoming Hannah & Delores books. Then, he asked for more money this week. Crazy lady understands that it is hard to be a "working artist"-- she is, after all, a "working writer" and adheres to a strict budget-- but re-negotiation, and holding artwork hostage, is not cool. She doesn't understand why this new artist couldn't asked for more money two months ago, when he offered to help. She expects honesty & integrity from others. Unethical and sleezy behavior always reminds crazy lady of the time she spent working for the Bank.

So, crazy lady has to find (yet another) artist to finish the work on her dragon & slayer books. Plus, she has to finish writing another book, prepare for the Rhode Island Film Festival, and complete re-writes on her second screenplay by the end of August. Deadlines, means that crazy lady spends less time playing chase, and more time at the computer. Do you see the top of her head in the photo?
What about the dried spittle, from the time she fell asleep and drooled on her laptop? She's trying hard to stay awake. At least her hair is clean and she hasn't run out of human food, yet! Until crazy lady meets her deadline, it's going to be hectic around here. I force her to take breaks every couple of hours, and she never runs out of dog food. That's good. She also checks her email and loves it when her friends send letters. Just this evening, crazy lady received the following video link from a wonderful friend in Denver (click on picture to see video):
You can see other films by Cindy here. Crazy lady
gave me a BIG hug, after watching this video and viewing Cindy's site.

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Hennajii said...

Jeeee! You have a "Marimekko" textile on you couch. It was finish desingn :)