Sunday, November 23, 2008

Doggy Household

Day 1
We arrived at the doggy household to find Phoebe, Boomer and Popeye bark a greeting. Wow, I can hear them through the window! I hope they don't break the glass. Crazy lady said something about unloading the car later-- I think she was worried about the window, too-- and took me inside. It was total, complete mayhem. She herded everyone to the back yard, since frantic greetings are always accompanied by the urgent desire to pee.
After the wonderful greeting and pee break, crazy lady unloaded the car and read the instructions. Phoebe and I settled in for a nap, in front of the window. Popeye crawled under the desk, to get a better look at crazy lady. Boomer? He wouldn't leave crazy lady alone! He kept following her around, licking her legs, pawing her butt, demanding his belly rubbed. He finally fell asleep in his crate, and crazy lady started to work.
Three hours later, Boomer woke-up and walked into the hallway. He stopped and peered at crazy lady. His hair was sticking up, and he growled and barked at her! Crazy lady looked away, greeted him, then gave him tripe. Food made Boomer happy. Crazy lady? She kept mumbling, "Just like a man. They have a good time. Then, they wake-up with a 'what the hell are you doing here?' attitude. Geez."
Day 2
Crazy lady is all about schedules. Time alloted for feed, bathroom, play and Popeye diaper changes. She set her alarm, to keep us on a schedule. Sometimes it works, and other times we rebel. Crazy lady can try, but you "can't keep a good dog down."

Ha, ha! I couldn't resist a corny pun! So, crazy lady is learning to take care of a paralyzed dog. Judy left detailed instructions on her web site, and showed crazy lady some tips & tricks in the household. Crazy lady has some experience with cats and humans, but dogs are a different beast (I could have told her that). Popeye is extremely patient with crazy lady. He just sits & watches her fumble with the diapers, and then poops when she finishes putting on his pants! Boomer (of course) was sitting next to crazy lady during the diaper change-- and I could swear he was laughing at her expression! Crazy lady laughed, too. She said, "Babies do this all the time. At least Popeye didn't pee on me!"
Crazy lady has learned to let Popeye play on the grass without his pants, before diaper changes. She finds it helps the "poo situation." She is also teaching Popeye "no" and "leave it." He's a bit of a bugger. Serious little man attitude. He likes his food, he likes his toys, and he likes his play time. NO ONE will get in his way. He growls, snaps, and has temper tantrums. I tried to warn Popeye that crazy lady "takes no crap"-- but he didn't listen. Every time he tried to bite crazy lady or steal food, he had to go through "command exercises" to "lay down," "wait" and "come." He's a fast learner. Really smart. Just like all of us Taiwan dogs!
Day 3
Lazy Sunday. Although Judy said that we take our evening pee at midnight, crazy lady suspects it's later in the evening. Boomer and Phoebe keep waking her up at 2 AM for bathroom breaks! No worries. Crazy lady uses it as an opportunity for a (very) early morning Popeye diaper change.

We, of course, used the opportunity to play.

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