Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tools of Evil

Crazy lady has decided to use my blog for some much-needed humor before the election. Enjoy this clip from The Simpsons!

In other news, we spent some time last week roaming the foothills of Mount Diablo without a leash. Crazy lady had me wear the shock collar, but she only had to use a high setting after I became really, really excited when my friends showed-up. She was worried when I ran into the street without stopping, even when she used a lower setting (at first). I won't go running into the street again, any time soon. Later, I hung out with the other dogs while crazy lady went for sushi. See some wonderful pictures here. There are even a couple of pictures with crazy lady and "lady's man" Boomer. Boomer is a total stud muffin!
Finally, we had a Bambi sighting on Friday. The mamma deer was with her little one, and limping. You can't see my bite marks on her hind leg, but you can tell she was having trouble walking. Crazy lady brought me outside, as part of the aversion therapy-- but I refused to take the bait. I stayed by her side, not moving. I knew the deer were in MY back yard, but I was too smart to risk getting shocked. Again.

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