Monday, November 10, 2008

Food Wars

Crazy lady has a friend who spends her life traveling the world, investigating cultural trends for a major electronics company. Her friend has lived in Tokyo, India, Paris, Montreal, Barcelona, New York and San Francisco. She has recently relocated to London (from Tokyo) because she "was bored" and her company was willing to pay for the move. Her respected research papers have included in depth analysis on toilets, sneezing, and spit. Her company flies her first and business class to many countries, to investigate trends in toilets. Jealous?

For as long as crazy lady can remember, this friend has been sending her pictures of airline food during her travels. Why? Who knows. She is, after all, crazy lady's friend. Normally, the pictures look like this:
Nice, normal pictures of airline food. This morning, however, crazy lady received this delightful image (sic):
Canned fish mouths. What the...? Why? There was no explanation, just a cryptic note about fish mouths and whale fat.

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