Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hershey needs a home!

Crazy lady has fallen in love. He has short, stubby legs, a giant head, a droopy eyelid, lopsided grin and floppy ears. She really wants to make him a member of our household, but she can only have 1 dog. Those are the rules. I agree with her-- he's funny looking, but kinda cute. Unfortunately, his current rescuer can't keep him, and he may have to go to the animal shelter. And, we know what happens to sick dogs in the animal shelter.
Here's what Lisa, his rescuer, said in an email this evening:

"Well - I took Hershey to the vet for his neuter this morning and he
tested positive for tick fever. I'm running out of options for where he
can stay. He's going to a friend's house tonight, but she's leaving
town on business Thursday.

Oh - not sure if I told you but the Vet deemed him a Lab/Basset mix.
It's all about how his ears are lying. If they're back, he looks Pit,
if they're floppy or held up, he looks like a Lab. One of his eyes is
becoming droopy like a Bassset. He's so darn cute."

Here's his full story:

"A friend of mine found this boy about a week ago in south phoenix
begging for food in a restaurant parking lot. He was very underweight
(ribs and hips protruding), very dirty, had ticks and had no
identification. (We have temporarily named him Hershey.)

He appears to be a Pit Bull/Basset Hound mix (based on his physical
appearance and the sound of his bark) and is probably less than a year
old. I'm guessing he's 25-30 lbs. He is a very sweet boy and just
wants to be around people who will pet him and play with him.

Hershey is not afraid of adults (although a bit shy at first) but is
afraid of children (runs away). Seems to be friendly with other dogs,
although the test case was my Greyhound, who is very patient. He
learns quickly & while he has some typical puppy-like chewing habits,
he has shown zero signs of aggressive behavior. He may have been
abused given some responses to raising of arms or hands, but wants to
be near people nonetheless. No signs of illness - physically very
healthy - looks tons better after just one week of regular meals and a
bath. Normal stools, eating and drinking very well. He barks very
little and doesn't seem to have any destructive habits.

Hershey was likely an abandoned pet who probably spent his time in a
backyard. Leash training underway, but lots of room for improvement.
Didn't know what a toy was at first - now has a blast with chew ropes
and other squeaky toys.

I am confident he'll make a very good pet for someone & am saddened
that our efforts to find him a home haven't been successful yet.

Nether the Humane Society or AZ Animal Welfare League will take him
& recommended the County shelter. My heart breaks at the thought of
taking him there - he doesn't deserve to be stuck in a cage.

We are willing to cover the expense of having him neutered as a
donation to the individual/organization who takes him."

Please contact Lisa if you have any ideas, or can foster or adopt this sweetie pie. Her email is:
And, as always, please "pass the word." Thanks!

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Wild Dingo said...

ooooo he is a sweet heart. how i wish i could do it but my life is so full with the two that i have. i'm splitting at the seams. i do hope he finds a home. he's beautiful.