Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Crazy lady is in a good mood. She's still waiting on the final results for Prop 8 (boo!) & Prop 4 (double-boo!), but at least there's hope in Congress and the Executive branches. Maybe the shift in our nation's politics will trickle down to the fools who keep putting anti-abortion and anti-marriage propositions on the state's ballot? Who knows? One can only hope (and fight!) for equality and tolerance.
Anyhow, I was enjoying the morning sunshine and crazy lady's pensive & happy mood. Aren't I gorgeous? At peace with the world? I love mornings.
Oh crap! Do you see it? Do you see the demonic presence sitting on top of the roof, overlooking the sanctuary of my dog run?
It must die.
Holy shruckers, batman! Son of your evil spawn! PLEASE let me purge the demonic presence from my sacred space. Please!
One last look-- perhaps crazy lady won't notice me? The shadows might work to my advantage.
She won't let me leave her side. She won't let me look at the demon. I must stand next to her, and look away from the evil creature that has invaded my sacred domain. I HATE CRAZY LADY.
When we returned to the cottage, I tried to give her a bit of alpha attitude:
But all she did was laugh, and tell me to get off the bed! Win some, lose some, I guess...

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Wild Dingo said...

WOW! you are coming a long way in your training! the standing by YOU is so important. That's awesome. i thought about the e-collar for L-man, but i'm too weeny to learn how to use it. I mean, i know there is specific structure and methods and i'm barely getting by just maintaining consistency thing on the prong. But that's impressive standing there while the meow-zer is taunting poor Sugar.