Saturday, July 26, 2008

As You Like It

Summertime in Boston means free adventures-- free music, free food, and free theater. After our early evening walk, crazy lady brought me to Cali's house to hang with her five dogs. Yes, she has five dogs, and all of them are pit bulls and boxers! Cali teaches literature at Haar-vaard, but she's not as uptight as most Cambridge folks. She feeds me lots of cheese and let's me play in her garden. She's not a bad egg. I still prefer P-Man, although he needs to stop playing matchmaker.

After collecting food for a picnic, crazy lady left with Cali, P-Man and another nameless MIT geek set-up (will they ever learn?) to walk to Boston Commons for a free Shakespeare production of AS YOU LIKE IT. They left us alone to frolic in the garden. Crazy lady returned with some pictures of the crowd:
She wasn't allowed to take pictures of the actual show. (You can see pictures and read the actors' blog here). She said "nameless MIT geek" kept telling her that she was doing everything wrong-- wrong light, wrong focus, wrong frame. I think she took bad pictures to irritate "nameless MIT geek." Crazy lady is not known for her maturity. Sometimes, I think I'm the alpha in our relationship.

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