Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Brunch

Crazy lady is crapped out. Exhausted. Bone weary. She left me home alone for long periods of time last week because she had "obligations." She had to attend a writer's conference and speak on a "women who write horror" panel. She is tired of hypocrites who demand that she has a "social obligation to consider the power of her words." To quote crazy lady:

It's fiction, people. Deal with it.

I've had to listen to crazy lady grumble about the evils of Amazon, bigotry, censorship and moral superiority all day today. At least we had fun yesterday-- crazy lady invited Princess Kaylie and her family for Sunday brunch! Here we are, taking a walk after munching on blueberry pancakes, fresh cherries, and fruit salad:
I love Princess Kaylie. She always wants to feed me cheese and go for walks. I was afraid of her father, King Marc, but crazy lady explained that I would fall in love with the King if he ignored me. Strange, but true. By the end of the day, I let him pet me! He was a kind and gentle man:
Well, crazy lady is starting to fall asleep at the computer. It must be nap time. Maybe I can convince her that it's time for a walk?

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