Thursday, July 24, 2008


Judy my foster mamma has a huge heart. She took care of me before crazy lady, and she takes care of many other special dogs. She has a soft spot for dogs with special needs. When she found Bandit at the shelter, abandoned with a severely broken leg, she decided to help him. No second thoughts, no "pass the buck," no turning away. That's the kind of heart my foster mamma has-- a big one.

You can read Bandit's story here. His vet bills are over $4,000 and the animal rescue group is accepting donations. Crazy lady knows that many people are out of work and struggling right now, but she says that every little bit helps. The donation is tax deductible, and you can use Paypal. "How to donate" is on the right side of Bandit's blog.

Thank you for all of your help! Even if you can't give money, please "pass the word" about Bandit and the wonderful rescue group that saved my life.

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