Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spa Day

Crazy lady had another date last night, and is in (yet another) grumpy mood. Too much fun, too little sleep, and delicious Taiwanese food was shared by everyone but me. Did she save her steamed whole fish? Her pumpkin noodles? Her veggie dumplings? No. Of course not. I am chopped liver with onions, an afterthought, a DOG.

So, today was my revenge. She said I was "in a mood," but I was really going to pay her back for leaving me home alone while she had fun last night. I also had to explain that today was about ME, not her. It was a Spa Day! We went to the 4th Annual Boston "Bark and Bath" Dog Wash. It was to benefit the Trust for Public Land's Parks for People- New England initiative:
We walked to Hotel Marlowe and I was calm. Sweet. Nice. Lovely. Until it was bath time. There are no pictures of me getting a bath because, well, crazy lady had to hold me down. She's even more grumpy, right now. She wore a white t-shirt, and it became drenched. Beyond wet. So wet that you can see the roses on her new bra. Yep, because of me, crazy lady gave the fine folks of Boston and Cambridge an erotic show, usually saved for late nights and drunken men.
They offered to take pictures of her helping with the bath, but she politely declined. Hee, hee.

I enjoyed crazy lady's discomfort. I wasn't shaking or panting, but I kept my tail tucked and tried to run away-- until it was time for the pedicure. I love to have my nails done! I was nice & pretty, and had calmed down after the bath. I let them hold & pet me while they clipped my nails. Did crazy lady use the opportunity to take a picture? Nope. She was too busy talking to the woman with the Polka Dog Bakery, a sponsor of the event:
They gave me a peanut butter cupcake and meat lover biscuits. Yum. Crazy lady promised to take me to the bakery next week. I forgive her for last night. After all, she gave me treats and had my nails done! Here's one last beauty shot for my fans:

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sangria girl said...

I think Crazy lady needs a spa day. Or Lady and Doggy yoga? Do they have those classes in Cambridge? Sugar would be great at yoga. And Crazy lady, too, of course.