Friday, July 4, 2008

BOOM! A Boston 4th of July

Crazy lady has decided that the people of Boston are…well… crazy. We went to the park this afternoon, and she spent time talking to Bostonians who shared her bench overlooking the hoards of yachts on the Charles River. It was crowded and cold, but people still wore shorts and sat on the wet ground:
They love their Boston dogs (critters and munchies), pie, beer, baseball (go SOX!) and boats. They were especially pleased with the Freedom Trail and Boston Commons. Hmmm…okay, so maybe Bostonians did play a major role in our fight for independence. To quote wikipedia:

“During the early 1770s, British attempts to exert control on the thirteen colonies, primarily via taxation, prompted an uproar in New England. Boston played the primary role in sparking both the American Revolution and the ensuing American Revolutionary War. The Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and several of the early battles of the Revolution (such as the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege of Boston) occurred near or in the city. During this period, Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Dr. Samuel Prescott made their famous midnight rides.”

We returned home and she started to work on a new story. Yes, on the national day of hot dogs and beer—in the Cradle of Liberty which houses the Constitution— crazy lady works. She read Michael Ruhlman's blog on spatchcock, and was anxious to write a love story about grilling a cheating man. She insists there’s a connection between love, butchering and spatchcock, but tells me I have to wait until she’s done with the story.

Anyhow, she was having a perfectly lovely time, until P-Man showed up and insisted she join him for the fireworks. She knew that he had an ulterior motive-- he has been trying to set her up with an MIT geekazoid she met at the dog park-- but she decided, “why not?” and left. I stayed home, since crazy lady wanted me safe from the canons and fireworks. I don’t mind the noise, but she was worried about the crowds, cold and rain.

Crazy lady came back with hugs & pictures (special thanks to Timmy and P-Man at the party):
She still doesn’t like the MIT geekazoid “in that way,” and insists they stay friends. I suspect P-Man will continue to play matchmaker. Huh. I'm not looking for a daddy, and P-Man might want to proceed with caution. Crazy lady has "control issues" and likes to pick her own men. Maybe P-Man should read her horror stories, especially if he keeps trying to set her up with strange men. Emasculating, torturing, butchering, and (now) spatchcocking are common themes. Maybe I should warn P-Man? No, maybe not. Why spoil the fun?


Isis said...

Beautiful fireworks! Sorry about the set up - they suck.

deetilley said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Fireworks. Too bad Sugar had to miss them!