Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Sunny Rainy Day

Crazy lady keeps asking: How can it be 84 degrees outside, and still zero visibility because of rain? She asked her mother the Mafia Queen, who replied, "That's why we moved to California." Cryptic response, huh? Oh well. She should respect her mother and know that the Mafia Queen is always right. When crazy lady snorted in response to the Mafia Queen's answer, I just gave her the "devil look" and continued to play with my toys in her office:
We had big plans for today. The Princess and her mother were going to pop in, so we could walk to the Farmer's Market and run through park sprinklers. The rain ruined our plans. Instead, we stayed inside and played with dinosaurs. We also ate chicken lunch, sang pretend song, danced to Brazilian music, and strummed crazy lady's banjo and guitars. The Princess was afraid I would eat the dinosaurs:
No worries. I watched her line them up on the couch and ate my cheese:
Yum. I love it when the Princess feeds me cheese. Next time, though, we are definately going to the Farmer's Market. Rain or shine. She also owes me a trip to the dog park so I can play with my friends. It's been too long!

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